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Pick 3 different colours of embroidery thread and cut 150cm of each colour!

Gather all the strings together and find the middle of them. Fold the strings in half and and tie a knot to create a loop.

Stick or safety pin the loop down to a secure surface (I chose a table).

Now start knotting to create the bracelet!

how to tie the knot

Make a loop with the string going to the left.

Pull the string end through the loop.

Pull the string tight.

Pull the rest of the strings tight and pull the knotting string up until it is tight at the top.

Repeat the knot 5 times with the same string (or more or less).

Start with the 2nd colour and create 5 more knots (or more or less)

Do the same with the 3rd colour.

Keep repeating this with the same colour order and keep checking the length of the bracelet until it is the length you want. 

(average length is

Unstick from the surface and tie a knot at the end using all the strings.

Leave 6cm of all the strings and cut the rest off.

At the end of the 6cm tie 3 of the strings together and then tie the other 3.

Tie the bracelet on!


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